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The Soldiers' General is a military biography of Major General Gouverneur Kemble Warren, of New York. Warren is best remembered as the savior of Little Round Top, at Gettysburg, but he was a career soldier and engineer who was an important subordinate in every campaign of the Army of the Potomac. He rose to corps command but was removed at the Battle of Five Forks by Philip Sheridan. Denied justice by Gen. Grant, he fought to have his name cleared. Warren has been misrepresented and unfairly treated by generations of historians accepting Grant and Sheridan's accounts. Here, Warren is presented in light of his record and with previously underused evidence. 

Not yet published

The Civil War Generals is a compendium of quotations by and about the Union and Confederate generals of the Civil War. Featuring commentary about more than four hundred generals, it is a useful reference for those seeking to learn what these men thought about each other. The divergence between praise and criticism provides a deeper view into the character of these men and their critics.


Illustrated with photographs of the generals mentioned and with several useful appendices of additional information. 

304 pages

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Gettysburg in Art and Artifacts tells the story of America's greatest battle in the words of its participants and through the visual imagery of Keith Rocco's artwork. The book is profusely illustrated in full color, featuring artifacts from the Gettysburg Museum and photographs of the battlefield and the soldiers and civilians who endured the battle.

Available in both hardcover and softcover.


112 pages

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The Civil War Art of Keith Rocco is a visual treasure of the famous artist's depictions of events, personalities and character studies. Twenty-four vignettes are included in this full color volume.


64 pages.

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Campaigning with Uncle Billy is a dynamic memoir by a well-spoken and observant Illinois volunteer soldier in the Civil War. Lyman Summerfield Widney joined the Union Army in 1861 and served with the Army of the Cumberland until the end of the war. His narrative is vivid and exciting. His memoir is drawn from his wartime letters and diaries and is fully edited and annotated.


400 pages.


The Soldier's View, presents the wartime experiences of the common soldier through the paintings  of noted historical artist Keith Rocco. The narrative covers the entire war, featuring the major battles, and all aspects of soldier life from enlistment, training, battle, camplife, recreation, punishment and medical experiences.


North and South, the soldiers who fought the Civil War shared a common experience. Here, that experience is presented in their own words.


191 pages

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The New Annals of the Civil War is a compendium of 4 articles written by participants of the Civil War. In the years after the war, the Philadelphia Weekly Times ran a series of articles written by veterans and leaders of the great conflict. Ultimately, a number of these were published in book form as The Annals of the Civil War. Here, we provide worthy articles that did not make it into the first volume. Many of these articles deal with important aspects of the war which have been largely neglected. 

610 pages.

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William Passmore Carlin rose to the rank of major general and fought in all of the major western theater battles and campaigns of the Army of the Cumberland, compiling a record of merit and reliability. A career soldier, he brought a warrior mentality to all he did which made him a valuable asset but also made him a troublesome subordinate. Here is his own account of his military service.


321 pages.

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The Military Memoirs of General John Pope is the controversial commander's own account of his service during the American Civil War. Many readers are only aware of the lampooned side of Pope's character, but here, a well-spoken, thoughtful and even sympathetic nature is revealed. Long forgotten, these memoirs are an important contribution from one of the war's most misunderstood commanders.

287 pages.

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Recollections of the War of the Rebellion is Captain Henry Whipple Chester's account of his service with the 2nd Ohio Volunteer Cavalry. Chester is a thoughtful, perceptive writer who penned these memoirs with the gift of hindsight and documents and other resources. His wartime letters and diaries of his friends add depth to his recollections. The 2nd Ohio served in many theaters and participated in some of the most important cavalry operations of the war, ending its service under the command of George A. Custer.

The book is enhanced with numerous photographs and a foldout campaign map.


257 pages..

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